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tovar kodi: DM1_S2
519000 so'm*
WE PRESENT THE NEW DM1 S2 MOUSE…THE NEW AND IMPROVED SUCCESSOR TO THE DM1 PRO S! This model gives you everything that you love about DM1 Pro S…shape, sensor and mode of action, but it now has the updated features that you have asked for. We listened to you and your needs and always want to give you gaming mice that meet all of our gaming requirements.
tovar kodi: DM4_EVO
559000 so'm*
A NEW “KING OF GAMING” IS HERE! We are proud to present the DM4 Evo model...a completely new high quality, high performance gaming mouse that we are extremely proud to present! It is “super fast, precise, solid design with a spectacular look ”...that's the new DM4 Evo!
tovar kodi: DM2_COMFY_S
399000 so'm*
Type positioner: mouse; Connection type: wired; Interface: USB; Sensor type: optic; Function: for games; Number of buttons: 6; Color: black
tovar kodi: G1650-17UA55
13059000 so'm*
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Type: laptop; Screen size: 17.3 "; Screen resolution: 1920x1080; Matrix type: IPS; CPU: Intel Core i7 10750H; Number of processor cores: 6; Clock frequency: 2.6 GHz; Type of memory: DDR 4; RAM: 8 GB; Type of graphics card: discrete; Video card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650; Amount of video memory: 4096 MB; Memory type: gDDR 5; Type of drive: SSD; USB 2.0: 1 pc; Color: black; Weight: 2.5 kg;
499000 so'm*
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DM1 FPS it is a mouse whose goal is to be the best gaming mouse for all those who play such titles as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Players Unknown BattleGround, or Overwatch. To achieve this, we completely remodeled our components and chose the ones that, according to the FPS players, are the best for shooters.
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