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At Cooler Master, we are committed to breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our focus is to create a community for individuals who dare to stand out and embrace their identity. From the meme lords to the hardcore PC gamers, together we are Wired Different. We are a brand aiming to go above and beyond the whole build-your-own PC experience by creating cool products for awesome people to build in their own unique way. Ko'proq ko'ring

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Building a PC is a highly personalized journey. We know that components are carefully chosen based on price, functionality, and aesthetic preference. Your personality is embedded in each of those choices, transcending from hardware to an immersive, custom-built experience. From custom PCs to all-out gaming rooms, we encourage every decision to reflect who you are.


Our components represent so many different personalities because PC enthusiasts don’t fit into just one mold. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student on a tight budget, a graphic designer that’s brand new to building, or a veteran modder of high-end gaming PCs; we offer components to inspire creative freedom in everyone. We believe that personal preference and individual expression leads to innovation.


The simple desire to make something better is exactly why Cooler Master is the standard in thermal innovation today. The aspiration to provide better cooling was a matter of personal preference, inspired by the freedom and enjoyment in building and creating something new. Now, our strategic partners like NVIDIA and AMD, our loyal community of gamers and PC enthusiasts, all rely on Cooler Master to strive for thermal excellence. That’s the result of simply wanting improved functionality and wanting to tailor something to fit our personal preference. That’s how innovation starts.


The PC community is never short on feedback and strong opinions—we love that. Hearing your thoughts and ideas give us the opportunity to be a part of your building journey, it helps us perfect the DIY experience, and it encourages us to adapt our product development process. After all, it is the community of builders, creators, and gamers who are an integral part of Cooler Master, helping bring our ideas to life. Together, we have been able to heighten the standards of how PCs are configured, transform the way they look and feel, and surpass the technological expectations of today. That’s where our passion stems from and that’s what it means to truly Make It Yours.

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