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Maximal output
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Type of cleaning
Type of dust collector
Volume of dust collector
Suction tube
Vacuum cleaners3 tovar topildi:
Vacuum cleaners3 tovar topildi:
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tovar kodi: RVC-S600W
2305000 so'm*
A compact robotic vacuum cleaner ARDESTO RVC-S600W with the wet-cleaning function and remote control. It can work without recharging up to 90 minutes, which is enough to clean an area up to 120 m2. Equipped with a water tank (130 ml) and a dust box (0.4 l).
tovar kodi: RVC-S1300W
2345000 so'm*
The futuristic design of the ARDESTO RVC-S1300W robotic vacuum cleaner, as well as its wide functionality, creates a great atmosphere in the house. This little space " buddy" provides dry and wet cleaning of area up to 120 m2. It is equipped with water tank for 110 ml, and the dust container for 0,4 liters. You can control vacuum cleaner both with the help of the remote control and mechanical push-buttons on its body.
tovar kodi: RVC-S1200B
2250000 so'm*
The stylish black ARDESTO RVC-S1200B robotic vacuum cleaner let you forget about brooms and mops, because it is able to independently carry out dry and wet cleaning on an area of up to 120 m2. To do this, it is equipped with two side brushes, a dust container (0,5 l) and a water tank (150 ml).
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