Blackview Tab 12: Edgy Inspiration Juices Life up

Asosiy Yangi mahsulotlar Blackview Tab 12: Edgy Inspiration Juices Life up

The long-awaited update of the bestseller from Blackview - Blackview Tab 12 10.1 "4/64 gb


  • 10.1-inch Display
  • Doke OS_P 2.0
  • 6580mAh Battery
  • octa-core UNISOC SC9863A
  • 4GB+64GB & 1TB Micro SD Support
  • 13 MP Rear Camera

Can’t Take Your Eyes off

Backed up by anodized metal body and perfectly embellished with delicate texture, Tab 12 allows you to feasts your eyes on it at distance or up close. Slipping Tab 12 into your tote or hand bag is easy-peasy as the tablet is much slimmer and lighter than you’d expected.

Make Merry out of This Visual Revel

Tab 12 gives you ample on-screen room and theater-level color gamut with smoother gradients and superb clarity. Browse social feeds or watch live streams on Tiktok to kick back for a while, losing yourself in the exclusive visual spree offered by Blackview Tab 12.

Run Like A Cheetah

Embedded with 8 ARM Cortex-A55 cores in two cluster, UNISOC SC9863A heightens the speed of data-processing and intelligently transform the way how AI-tasks are dealt with in present day. Tab 12, loaded with UNISOC SC9863A, will not only deliver stable connection but also remarkable signal penetration.

Gaming Performance. Fire on All Cylinders

Assisted by the expansive 10.1-inch display and UNISOC SC9863A processor that processes data like a fast-running beast, your gaming performance will definitely be streets ahead of your enemies. Tab 12 always makes your gaming dream come true faster by allowing you to play hundreds of popular large-scale 3D games effortlessly.

1TB expandable storage helps you treasure your creative snapshots, meaningful videos or valuable audio without breaking a sweat.

6580mAh Large Battery

Get a Kick out of it Longer

Feel upset about low battery when you are having an important conference call with VIP clients or writing your thesis last minute before the deadline? Assisted by a 6580 mega battery, Tab 12 allows you to get ahead in life and carry on with your days with long-lasting vigor and power.

* Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage and other factors.

Snap Ready-to-Share Moment at Will

The 13 MP camera is always dependable on each shutter whim during a birthday party at home, encouraging hike outdoors or more big moments in life, generating knockout photos with ultra-clarity and optimized contrast. 5MP selfie snapper together with HDR software is set to make for ethereal portraits that showcase the best attribute of your face.

Safer and More Protective

To ensure longer life span of Tab 12, Blackview provides a tablet case to protect the tablet in case of drops.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Efficiency Is What Matters

Tab 12 supports the use of the Bluetooth keyboard made by Blackview to facilitate its use anywhere, requiring no wiring and maintaining an appropriate distance from the keyboard so as to improve work efficiency greatly.

Performance in Work or Study. Faster & More Convenient

Take a snapshot of a document and share it with colleagues with a 13MP camera that is ready to deliver clear photos. The 8MP camera enables you to have fluent calls in online conferences or classes, transforming the way you work or study with better efficiency. The Bluetooth keyboard and the tablet case ensure work outside the office is as easy as inside.

Dual Box Speakers. Sound that Touches the Heart

Reproducing the sound you heard in real life, from a live concert or wild nature, Tab 12 creates breezy bass, mellow highs and all the melodious acoustic waves that will rock your world. Here awaits you a sound gala from Tab 12 dual Box speakers.

Innovative Doke OS_P 2.0 Based on Android 11.0. Upgraded from Doke OS_P 1.0

System Manager

  • Free up More Space:

Cleanup frees your disk space by removing junk files, offering extremely high performance.

  • Game Speedup:

Optimize your system performance. Enable you one step ahead when gaming.

  • Smart Power Saving:

Power Saving mode helps to reduce battery drain and get more running time by reducing background activity and disabling some features.

  • App Management:

This feature offers complete control over apps. For example, it lets you know about what kind of information each application is accessing, so you can make the best decision about whether they should be used or removed.

Cold Room

To prevent rarely-used apps from stealthily running in the background, Cold Room allows you to freeze them without breaking a sweat. This also helps stop unused apps from automatically launching and taking up RAM , freeing more room for other apps and saving more juice.

Data Migration Assistant

Data Migration Assistant helps you transfer data from old Blackview smartphone to a new one, with only a few taps at faster speed by providing QR Code for the downloading of the app, automatically deleting junk files and compressing data during transmission.

Game Mode

Don’t want interruption like calls, messages or pop-ups to spoil your gaming time? Game mode locks out all the interruption to allow you to immerse yourself in adrenaline-filled games by simply toggle on the Diving Mode while playing games like Genshin Impact or League of Legends that require you to be highly focused.

Office App Insert

With a preinstalled WPS Office set, Tab 12 handles documents, spreadsheets and presentations all in one app effortlessly, lessening your workload tremendously.

The Notebook

Insert audio, text or picture notes as you please into the Notebook. Less stress from taking notes and higher efficiency in study or work.

Dual Themes

To bring out more uniqueness of Tab 12, Blackview designed the tablet with dual exquisite themes, the Rhythm and Light, and seven pieces of wallpaper to individual taste.

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Matrix type: IPS; Screen size: 10.1 "; Screen resolution: 1920x1200; Operating system: Android 11; Processor frequency: 1.6 GHz; Amount of memory: 4 GB; Built-in memory: 64 GB; 3 G-module: +; Features: FM-radio; Extras: G-sensor; Color: blue; Weight: 430 g;
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