New in stock: Ducky Feather mice

Asosiy Yangiliklar New in stock: Ducky Feather mice

Although left-handers' day is celebrated on August 13, from today they will start celebrating a new holiday!

The new and highly coveted Ducky Feather ultra-light mice (DMFE20O-OAAPA7B) are at the warehouse now.

Why this mouse is so desirable?

Fully symmetrical design: side buttons on both the left and right side

Top sensor - PixArt 3389

Pleasant and reliable Huano 50M Micro Switch switches

Weight - only 65 grams

Paracord cable

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tovar kodi: DMFE20O-OAAPA7B
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Ducky Feather 5 secrets of the perfect mouse! Symmetrical design suitable for both right and left handers. Top optical sensor PixArt PMW3389DM with plastic cover. Very flexible paracord cable that is difficult to deform. Huano 50M quality switches. Weighing just 65g, it is considered one of the perfectly balanced options.
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