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08.04 - 30.04
Только с 8 апреля по 30 апреля при покупке планшета Teclast P30T получите наушники Belkin со скидкой 50%.
Take your systems' audiovisual capabilities to the next level with the Matrix Tracking Box MT300. AVer's state-of-the-art multimedia device makes it easy to manage multiple sources using a unified platform. From meetings and training...
В месяц Рамадан, когда верующие соблюдают пост, доступ к чистой и вкусной воде особенно важен. Ecosoft предлагает решения, которые помогут наслаждаться чистой водой без необходимости постоянно покупать бутилированную.
Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and organizations are struggling to respond to such threats. A recent study by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) shows that most organizations are not facing serious...
Formula 1 and street racing cause an adrenaline rush in the blood at the mere thought. Sitting in the Playseat sim racing chair, you feel the real need for speed, which is experienced by professional racers on the track.
Our team talked to people and realized that there is some underestimation of the importance of the intercom system compared to other systems: alarm or video surveillance. The reason for this opinion is simple - lack of information...
A wide range of Ardesto electric meat grinders is available from ERC warehouse. Regardless of the needs, everyone will find an impeccable model that meets the highest standards.
We invite you to participate in the "Ask a question to the Commvault Expert" traditional quarterly webinar.
HyperX gaming chairs are not just a bright addition to a gamer's arsenal, but also the necessary comfort that helps to create a reliable base for future triumphs.
Teclast delights its fans with new high-quality products. The new Teclast tablets guarantee power, high performance and affordability for a wide range of users.
Фильтр обратного осмоса является наиболее совершенной системой очистки воды на молекулярном уровне с использованием технологии обратного осмоса.
Most users do not need a device such as a switch. However, what if there are additional devices on the local network or if there are constantly problems with the Wi-Fi connection? In this case, Ethernet switches can be a good solution.

About company

25 years
ERC - professional
With its own time-proved effective methods of development and support of the channel, pre- and after-sales services.
Global distributor
with international team
Growing business in many countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc.)
The development of young professionals
Creation of new jobs and involvement of young specialists to improve their professional skills.
Advanced technologies
ERC cares about long-term partnership with leading global manufacturers, as well as with newborn startups.

ERC (Enhanced Resource Company) is an international-level distribution holding. It is registered in Vienna, Austria and has its trading activities supported by vendors contracts. Most of the brands are world leaders in their sectors in many countries. The holding offices and ERC distribution companies are located in some of these countries.

The holding has a history of more than 25 years of work. The focus on the internal and external standards and traditions of the company does not exclude creation and promotion of innovation from the earliest years of work. This strategy ensures confident trend of business growth and its efficiency in distribution. Distribution has four main product lines of cooperation with business partners: consumer computer equipment, computer equipment and software separately or as part of enterprise-wide solutions, household appliances, goods for children and teenagers. ERC offers products, ideas and solutions for both commercial corporations or state enterprises, as well as for individual consumers or households.

The classic two-level system of product distribution and value-added services (VAD model) is combined with “no-price-wars” sales tactics. ERC conducts its business through business partners, which comprise both national and regional retail networks, owners of independent stores and projects, wholesale companies, online shops, system integrators and companies focused on special technological niches and segments. ERC has its own time-proved effective methods of development and sales channel support, collaboration with business partners, additional pre- and after-sales services, including consulting, warranty service, training and exchange of experience.


ERC work with the partners is based on offering services strengthened by the proposal of recommended set of quality products from suppliers and manufacturers all over the world that are constantly available in Kyiv warehouse. Business partners have their own ERC specialist-curator, individual financial and logistics conditions, as well as special promotional programs, consulting, informational, logistic, marketing, promotional and technical support, training of sales personnel, technical specialists, engineers and other staff.

ERC promotes advanced technologies and cares about long-term partnership with leading global manufacturers together with newborn startups. The list of vendors with which ERC has signed official distribution contracts (some of them are exclusive) can be viewed here.




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Products catalog